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Mar 01 2018 0 Comments

Look outside! March is here and the sun is already shining.

Well, we all know the sun can lie, and while the snow is melting and the weather is getting warmer, it's still a bit chilly outside, isn't it?

The spring might be starting to show it's signs, but what about those cloudy days? Here are 5 tips for surviving cold in Style: 


1. Have fun with your feet. Now that you can store your clumsy snow boots in the closet and forget about them for a year, it’s time you have fun with your feet and get yourself some fun and stylish winter shoes. If your’e feeling extra daring: try the hottest trend in boots right now - high thigh neon heels. 


2. Show off those legs. The tights season has officially begun, and this is the perfect time to put away the jeans and trousers, put on those skirts and dresses and upgrade them with a splash of colorful fun.




3. Ditch the black. Winter gives us an excellent excuse for some elegant-chic all black outfits, and we know that’s the New-York way, but it’s time to bring back the color to your life. Doesn't feel it yet? let your gothic-winter soul fly with some pastels.


4. Have fun with your accessories. When it's still cold outside and your'e not in the mood for dressing up, the easies way to have fun with your outfit is to pile on those accessories. Trend alert: statement earrings are a cool and stylish solution for a winter-bore!


5. Get Yourself a chic umbrella. We know it sounds like an unnecessary splurge, but a pretty umbrella will make you feel so much more put together and stylish. It doesn't have to be expensive, and trust us, it’s worth it. 



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