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How to pick the perfect outfit for Valentine’s day

Jan 31 2018 0 Comments Tags: clothing, fashion, tights, valentine's day, winter

It’s that time of the year again. The smell of scented candles and rose petals is already in the air, and chocolate and flowers have become the number one search word on google: it’s Valentine’s day! And while February has just begun, it’s never too early to start getting ready for love season.

So you probably have your gift all wrapped up in red, the reservation is made (weeks and weeks in advance), and everything is ready for the celebration of love. Well, almost everything. It’s time for choosing the last key element: your outfit.

Choosing the perfect Valentine’s day, or eve, outfit, should not be stressful. Whether you're having a hot date with your S.O. or going out with some friends to celebrate single life, everyone loves dressing up for Valentine’s. Either way - we’ve got you covered with some outfit ideas.

Stick to the classics

You know it, you love it, and it’s probably your favorite item in the closet: the little black dress. It’s not too fancy, and not too simple. It’s elegant, classy, and has the right amount of sexy - the LBD fits any occasion, and always feels great.

If you're looking for a classic and timeless look just go back to basics. A simple, well-fitted little black dress is all you need to feel special. If you feel like mixing things up, think about the details: pair your classic dress with some bold earrings, colorful pumps and some tights and you're good to go.

A red twist

This might be a cliche, but Valentine’s day is the holiday of red. And if everything is dyed in red for this occasion - why shouldn’t you?

Red is the kind of color that is always flattering, but scary to wear. Valentine’s Day is exactly the right time to turn some heads and pull off a bold and exciting red dress. For an even bolder look, try matching your dress with some bold red lipstick and a pair of sexy sheer tights.

Take it up a notch

If you're going out dancing with friends, or just want to feel sexy and chic, there’s nothing like leather for a sexy-elegant outfit. Whether it’s real or faux (we say- faux!), a leather piece will give you a sleek look.

When it comes to leather, you don’t have to go for the classic jacket - a skirt or even a belt will achieve that sleek look and make you feel sexy and confident.

Tighten your look

We all love showing our legs on Valentine’s day, but unfortunately, mother nature doesn’t really help with that. Right in the middle of February, weather is not really on our side in this festival of love. But you don’t actually have to give up your skirt.

Fashionable tights can elevate your outfit and keep you warm at the same time. Tights don’t just have to be your solid classic black tights. Bold prints and unique designs will make your tights the centerpiece of your outfit, and give you a chic and playful look.

For a classy LBD and for a bold red dress, our tights make every outfit unique, and definitely joyful. It’s time to make Valentine’s day 2018 big, bold and beautiful with some Joyfullook tights, to lighten up your spirit and make your Valentine’s day magical.

*And one last tip: Whether your'e going for sexy or classy, sneakers or heels, just remember to pick an outfit that feels totally and completely - you.


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