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Stepping into 2019 like...

Jan 10 2019 9 Comments


Where did 2018 go? Honestly, we don’t know but 2019 is already here! And what’s a better excuse for refreshing our style and ourselves than a new year? So if we must have some resolutions, we’d rather focus our new year’s decisions on our wardrobes. Because, let’s face it, what’s really more fun?

Here are some simple fashion resolutions we hope you should tackle for 2019.


1. Quality over Quantity

That is always our rule of thumb, and while we admit it - sometimes it’s hard to follow - we are still believers in quality. After all, what’s the point of millions of cheap quality items that won’t survive the season, when you can get a few high-quality pieces that will stay with you for years?


2. Find your look

When you pick your outfits and your style, the first person you need to think of is you. Not some guy you just met, or your best friend, and not even your mom. Dress to impress - yourself. That’s the way to express the real you and feel confident in your own skin.


3. Stop playing it safe

The world is full of diverse, colorful, and exciting fashion and you shouldn’t miss out on that. Sure, sometimes you just want your old blue jeans and a simple sweater, but from time to time break out of your own limitations and have fun. After all, that’s what fashion is about!

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  • just saw the post and found myself completely in love with the idea of stepping ahead with such lovely tights to wear,
    Wish list updated, Definitely getting into my wardrobe soon.

    betlyleeman on

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